Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bravo, Elad and L'Objet

The Chic International Tabletop Design Company, L'OBJET, Celebrates Its Tenth Year with a Dazzling New Collection

In 2004, Elad Yifrach founded L’Objet, to design and create the most beautiful and hauntingly lovely dinnerware and tabletop décor.

Elad recently launched his newest collection, SOUS LE CIEL, for Spring 2014.

It was inspired by beautiful shapes of myths and antiquity—and the eternal refinement and timeless beauty of Asian traditions. It celebrates luxury—with gold-dipped teaspoons and artfully etched porcelain.

I think of his pieces as universally inspiring—for everyday and for lavish celebrations and family traditions. Come with me to see Elad’s latest creations.

Sous Le Ciel concepts are his best to date—and will become instant classics. The gold-rimmed plates, the delicate cups and the seductive bowls will be desirable for passionate hostesses and everyone who
admires perfection and elegance.


Chinese emperors of the Han Dynasty were known to their subjects as the ‘Sons of Heaven’. This collection, Sous le Ciel, pays homage to their world, which marked perhaps the greatest period of artistic expansion in the ancient world. This was a time of unprecedented prosperity and innovation in the arts, including the invention of paper, glazed ceramics, and developments in silk weaving.

Through their trade along the Silk Road, the Chinese also discovered a superior breed of horse that became a symbol of power and prestige. They were called “heavenly horses.” 

Horses were honored by the ancient Chinese and this motif is present throughout the collection, with table accents including spice jewels, chopstick rests and place card holders, as well as exquisite sculptures for the home all featuring elegant horses and horse heads.

Other home accessories include beautifully sculpted black porcelain and 24K gold trays, and scented candles presented in tea canisters so intricately crafted that each is a work of art for the table or mantel. 

I first had the great pleasure of meeting Elad when he launched his L’Objet collections. His gilded plates, embellished cups and teapots, and his exquisite vases turned tabletop décor for weddings and birthdays, religious holidays, dinner parties, afternoon tea celebrations, and everyday dining.

We’ve also met in Paris, and recently we enjoyed a delightful luncheon and antique study at the Biennale des Antiquaires there. I’m so proud of Elad’s focus and his progress, his passionate development of his designs. And with the new Sous Le Ciel collection he offers the most beautiful tabletop concepts of this season. You must admit--they are highly lustworthy and seriously collectible.

The collection delves deeper into dinnerware than previous L’Objet collections, with beautifully conceived pieces such as a traditional Chinese spoon coated in 24K gold, chopsticks in black wood and jade cabochon, and green-tea cups with beautifully patterned lids to keep the tea at precisely the right temperature, all of which pay homage to Chinese customs. 

Come with me to meet Elad

Born and raised in Israel, Elad was exposed to the region’s rich cultures of the region from an early age. 

He is a lifelong traveler and devotee of the Mediterranean. He recently traveled to Bali and to Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean, as well as Paris, as anyone who follows him on Facebook knows. His posted images are dreamy. (I recommend that you friend him immediately).

“I am passionate about creating beautiful objects to enhance the finest homes, tables and desks,” said Elad Yifrach, founder and creative director. “The spirit, natural beauty and striking architecture of the Mediterranean, from which I come, are a constant source of inspiration for every L’OBJET piece I design.”

Elad draws inspiration for L’Objet from voluptuous traditional designs of the Middle Eastern and North African. He loves classicism and sweeps up inspiration and homage from French and Greek history. He strives to keep alive the most elaborate and rare traditions of craft.

The elegant architecture of a Greek island such as Patmos or Mykonos can be seen in the rounded pearl filigree of the Perlee Blue dinnerware. In the same way, the vibrant spirit of Venice is reflected in the bold prints of the exclusive L’Objet Pour Fortuny collection, which features classic blockprints and jewel colors.

Elad used traditional fine materials and has found top artisans who work in arcane and exacting crafts. To perfect L’Objet designs he works with a diverse group of manufacturers, to create the finest objects in their categories.

A dinner plate may be layered then fired three times with 24k gold and fired once more to achieve the optimal rich glow of the precious metal. He also created hand etched picture frames using small needles developed by Venetian jewelers to create a distinctive texture.

Elad currently resides in New York City. When he is not busy traveling and designing, he enjoys yoga and entertaining.


Precious materials including 24-karat gold, platinum, Swarovski Crystals and fine Limoges porcelain are carefully manipulated by a diverse group of craftsmen across Europe and Asia who push the boundaries of traditional techniques to create lines that are rich in history and thoroughly modern.

In 2012, L’OBJET partnered with Fortuny, the legendary Italian fashion and textile design house, to create L’OBJET Pour Fortuny. For the first time in Fortuny’s 100-year history, they have chosen to align their brand with another, selecting L’OBJET to create a curated collection of dinnerware, serving pieces, frames and candles using signature Fortuny patterns to reinterpret the iconic brand. L’OBJET Pour Fortuny is a harmonious union of style, color, pattern and an affirmation of both brand’s commitment to quality and design. 


I received the following email from Elad Yifrach—who was on a plane, returning from exotic destinations that will no doubt inspire new collections. Elad said:


In the US we just launched a special installation of the 10th anniversary collection at Bergdorf Goodman. They were my very first account when I started the brand and we thought it's a great way to celebrate with an exclusive East Coast launch and a big presentation.

Gump’s in San Francisco has the West Coast exclusive for the launch and its already on display in the store.

Harrods in London has a very large (850 SQF) L’OBJET boutique. It’s our biggest boutique today and the full lifestyle concept of the brand is presented there.

Neiman Marcus is our largest partner in the US.

Gearys of Beverly Hills, Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael C. Fina, Elements/Chicago, all offer beautiful selections—and can help with special orders.

Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and China is our premier partner for the region.

Thomas Goode in London.

All images here are used courtesy of Elad Yifrach and L’Objet.

L'OBJET | Luxurious Home Goods
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Blue said...

All is completely luscious. I don't know quite why but gilded ceramics are wonderful to me – mouthwatering, almost, such is my reaction.

Alan Karlin said...

I continue to be amazed with the products they produce every year. I feel in love with the Fortuny collection, and then I saw this newest collection. I want them all! Halls Department Store is Kansas City is where I get my fix.

Karena said...

Diane, Elad's artful works are breathtaking. I would be so thrilled to acquire some of his luxurious pieces!

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

L'Objet is the only brand that isn't vintage that I ever seem to like when I'm out shopping.....love these new collecctions.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Dear Blue and Alan and Karena and Stefan-

Thank you so much.
I'm so happy you love these designs--and I believe I'm presenting them first on THE STYLE SALONISTE…so you are first to see them.

I think the designs are exceptional--and timeless--and very very inspiring

Please stay in touch. I love your enthusiasm--you are all experts in the field.


Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

I received the following lovely note from Elad--who like me has had many many enthusiastic comments and lovely notes.


Dearest Diane,

I just finished reading it - I am grateful beyond words for all the beautiful and kind compliments. The post came out so well, I love the way you used the images!

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate all your love and support.
I hope to get to see you again soon, it's almost time for the next biennale :-)

Warmest regards and my deepest gratitude ,

Sent from my iPhone

ELAD-you are brilliant, and so modest and charming. An attractive combination. Oh, and did I say you are stylish…I remember vividly your impeccable style in Paris.

Yes, it would be delightful, an encounter. Be sure you keep in touch. I'm honored to show your work here--to be read by my fabulous readers around the world.

fondest DIANE

MJH DesignArts said...

The Fortuny and incised gold pieces have my heart--all are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I held my breath when I read this blog. Exquisite. Deidre.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Dear Friends-

It is wonderful and amazing when a designer can give so many people such great pleasure.

I've been thrilled with the response to this story.

Now please dash out and buy one of the gold bowls and the fish napkin rings and the horses…oh, the horses…to show Elad how much you love his designs. Keep one…and give one to your beloved.

Happy days--DIANE