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Welcome to the Very Exciting New RH San Francisco Gallery — Glamour and Glory

RH San Francisco Gallery opened earlier this summer—and it has rapidly become an essential visit for viewing newest RH designs, for dining, for checking the dramatic new lighting collections, wine-tasting on the roof deck, and especially for making an appointment for a design consultation. The Palm Court restaurant is all the buzz.

The superb new CONTEMPORARY collection is now in all the galleries, and it’s compelling and wonderfully cosmopolitan. The new international group of design talent is impressive and exciting. I’m so happy that California design legend, Ron Mann, introduces his first new product for RH. A handsome plaster lamp.

At the RH San Francisco opening party, guests arrived to discover a neighborhood they’d never visited, and to see the impressive restoration. Palatial, indeed.

CEO Gary Friedman was the genial host and fun-leader for the lively opening celebrations. He welcomed celebs and sports champions who danced and frolicked into the night, stargazed on the roof, and checked dramatic new collections. Guests at the star-studded opening party included Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres, along with leaders and founders of San Francisco’s vivid charities. The evening benefited the Tipping Point Community.

RH Chairman & CEO Gary Friedman with Jessica Alba, Alex Daddario and Bella Hunter. Photo by Drew Altizer

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Photo by Drew Altizer

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Photo by Drew Altizer

Friends of RH: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are frisky and fun at the RH San Francisco opening party. It was a memorable and luxurious opening party. Bellinis, caviar, and a joyful evening. CEO Gary Friedman greeted friends, sports champions, Hollywood stars, realtors, developers, dancers, designers, architects, cultural creative, and talented and accomplishment style lovers from near and far.

Yes, The Palm Court restaurant in the heart of RH San Francisco is the chicest new setting in California. It’s the site for languorous lunches, sipping Bellinis, conversation, delight, a fresh point of view, and enjoying an elegant dinner beneath inspirational RH chandeliers. Outstanding wine lists. Forty different wines by the glass.

Recently I invited a friend to enjoy a leisurely lunch with me at The Palm Court. We immersed in conversation and tasting and observing everything.

After several hours, we ventured forth to peruse the galleries, obsess about the sheets, check the luxurious cashmere blankets, and study the new lighting.

We cruised the new furniture vignettes in the expansive galleries, and eventually we headed up to the Roof Deck for bay views, sipping wine, and taking in this great setting in a former shipbuilding neighborhood, now in revival thanks to RH.

Photo by Diane Dorrans Saeks

On the menu: my favorite first course, a wood-grilled avocado with 10g of Beluga caviar, crème fraiche, and a dash of olive oil.

Also offered at the Palm Court is the fish of the day, artful salads, and several perfect plant-based dishes, along with Wagyu, and beautifully prepared truffle fries.

Photo by Diane Dorrans Saeks

My ‘Secret Affogato’ Dessert That I Invented (and You Will Love)

We enjoyed lovely fresh dishes…salad and Branzino especially. And when time came for dessert, I requested simple vanilla ice cream.

My friend ordered an espresso.

The ice cream arrived, along with the espresso.

And I saw that I had the perfect ingredients for creating one of my favorite Italian deserts, Affogato, which is vanilla ice cream ‘drowned’ in hot espresso.

I asked my friend if I may use his espresso (I ordered another for him). I poured the hot coffee (see my notes below about the fantastic coffee at RH) …and then dipped my spoon into the ice cream, now with the tang and power and intensity of the coffee in contrast to the ice cream’s sweet creamy texture. Ultra-delicious.

Be sure to ask for Diane’s Secret Affogato. Delicious.

Photo by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Sawada Project X Coffee: Japanese Coffee Master — A Marvelous Discovery

The exclusive coffee at The Palm Court restaurant at RH San Francisco is worth a detour. This rich and well-balanced coffee has a medium roast that brings out the coffee flavor and aromas.

I admired the coffee so much, I asked the Maître d’ for more information. Here’s the inside scoop about the special exclusive Chicago-created coffee RH has selected.

The coffee program at RH Hospitality was inspired by Hiroshi Sawada, world renowned barista, latte art expert and founder of Streamer Coffee in Tokyo. 

The highly trained baristas at Streamer stunned visitors with lattes showcasing perfect art and balance, only achievable through Sawada’s practice-makes-perfect philosophy emphasizing simplicity, teaching and community building around coffee.

RH uses Metropolis 'Project X' coffee beans (exclusive blend for RH, can only be enjoyed in RH spaces!)

Proprietary blend of beans from Mogiana, Brazil that have a darker roast, creating a rich, chocolaty, nutty flavor profile.

RH uses these beans for our espresso, drip coffee and cold brew because the flavor characteristics remain consistent through all of these extraction methods.

Metropolis, the RH Hospitality coffee supplier, purchases only arabica coffee.

The Historic Setting Near the Waterfront in San Francisco — RH San Francisco Gallery at the Former Bethlehem Steel Headquarters

An 80,000-square-foot, five-level architectural masterpiece, RH San Francisco at the historic Bethlehem Steel Building is an immersive design experience.

Collections include RH Modern and RH Outdoors as well as RH Contemporary and rooms of lighting and decorative accessories.

RH San Francisco also includes the largest RH Interior Design Atelier to date, providing professional design services with private client presentation rooms and state-of-the-art technology.

The landmark building was constructed in 1917. Designed by preeminent architect Frederick H. Meyer it has been meticulously restored with great respect for its original vision. The monumental structure has a distinctive beveled corner, elegant neoclassical detailing, and hand-forged iron doors.

Visitors will encounter a rare octagonal lobby featuring the building’s original stair rotunda.

Photo by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Photo by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Photo by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Photo by Diane Dorrans Saeks

My Favorite Bedding

I admire (and use on my bed) the RH Italian bed linens and cashmere blankets and throws. They’re classics and very elegant.

One throw this season I highly recommend is the cashmere double-face blanket / throw with ivory on one side and pale grey on the reverse. It’s sumptuous and light and looks beautiful on the bed.

When I visited RH San Francisco recently, I invited an interior designer friend to join me. I wanted a reaction about the selection, the accessories like alpaca blankets and cashmere blankets. I wanted a professional point of view.

I’ve always been a fan of the Italian bedding created for RH…with beautiful Egyptian cotton, a variety of thread counts and styles. I use only white sheets, but the other colors like ivory and pale grey are very attractive as well.

Video by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Bravo to Gary Friedman

“RH San Francisco Gallery is a deeply personal project which has taken almost a decade to fulfill.” 

“It’s a reflection of our very best work to date — an architecturally inspiring historic building, in the century-old shipbuilding neighborhood of San Francisco. Re-purposing this historic building, formerly the Bethlehem Steel headquarters, to a design center was our highest aspiration.” 

“This is designed as an immersive experience that blurs the lines between residential and hospitality.” 

“Our entire team is proud and honored to bring this innovative concept and hospitality and design to San Francisco.” 

– RH Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Friedman

Photo by Diane Dorrans Saeks


Most images of the new gallery are from RH.

I also shot the restaurant dishes and desert, along with updated images of the Contemporary collections and lighting.

Opening party images by Drew Altizer |

Video by Diane Dorrans Saeks


Note: RH is not officially on Instagram. But there are thousands of #restorationhardware and #rhrestorationhardware tags to click on to see more designs and interiors.

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