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Celebrating San Francisco Design Week 2020 — Virtual Edition June 19–26, 2020

‘Dynamic Minds’ 60-minute design seminars presented by Diane Dorrans Saeks from June 19–26. Available to watch/attend for design enthusiasts around the world.

Here’s the official announcement: This year we are virtual! Very exciting.

I am very happy to announce that for SFDW 2020, virtual edition, I have planned a very exciting series of six one-hour illustrated design seminars/ webcasts/ webinars…that may be viewed by design and architecture enthusiasts around the globe.

The popular seminars of ‘In the Studio’ visits to leading designers’ and architects’ studios I have planned in the past—are now ‘live’ and in-person on the internet. Meet some of California’s leading designers and architects. Ask them questions on the ‘chat box’.  See their newest (unpublished) work. Exclusive.

From June 16–26 at 11am PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (California time) I will be broadcasting from my studio in San Francisco and presenting six different speakers, all dynamic leaders in design and architecture. See their newest work, learn their work process, and hear their thoughts on design and architecture going forward.

See details and information on each program below.

Leading Magazine Editor and Best-Selling Book Author
Diane Dorrans Saeks Presents:

“DYNAMIC MINDS”— a Series of Six Illustrated Virtual Visits/Live Webcasts

with Six Top San Francisco Design/Architecture Firms

at San Francisco Design Week Virtual Edition: June 19th–26th, 2020

WHAT: DIANE DORRANS SAEKS presents “DYNAMIC MINDS”, a vivid illustrated series of one-hour virtual visits/ live webcasts with top San Francisco interior designers and architects, during San Francisco Design Week 2020.

SPEAKERS: Benjamin Dhong, Ken Fulk, Stanley Saitowitz, Andrew Skurman, Suzanne Tucker, and Paul Wiseman


Diane Dorrans Saeks, the influential design editor, and the author of 23 best-selling books on interiors, design, architecture, travel and style has selected thought leaders and practitioners on design, architecture to discuss their newest concepts, international directions and ideas and inspirations.

Creativity, ideas, inspiration and exploration, balanced with in-depth knowledge and inspiration, remain essential elements in today’s interiors and architecture. These elements will be discussed at “Dynamic Minds.”

In each sixty-minute illustrated webcast, Diane Dorrans Saeks will examine each individual’s newest work and, their classic projects. Designers and architects will guide us on a visit to their studio to study their work processes and environment. Through this one-hour meeting, participants will gain a vibrant insight and understanding of each designer/ architect and their global projects.

These exclusive webcasts/ seminars offer the latest concepts on a broad range of residential, commercial and sustainable design. A highlight will be viewing and discussing works in process, as well as newly completed interiors and unpublished new residences. We will see how studios fully use newest technical advances such as VR and 3D printing (and continue to sketch) in their design concepts and in interactions with their clients.

We experience the full range of aesthetics, from pure modernism to richly informed classical design, traditional, bold, minimal, and eclectic expression. All are based on intellectual and intuitive disciplines.


See signup and ticketing and all other information at end of text. 


“DYNAMIC MINDS” webcasts 2020:

Of interest to designers in all disciplines, architects, students, entrepreneurs, tech specialists, and editors and artists and tech enthusiasts and all those intrigued and in love with design of all kinds.


Friday June 19, 11am–12 noon PST

“Inside the Vivid World of Ken Fulk”

>> Interior designer KEN FULK

Saturday June 20, 11am–12 noon PST

"The Pleasures and Paradoxes of Contemporary Classicism"

>> Architect ANDREW SKURMAN, Skurman Architects

Tuesday June 23, 11am–12 noon PST

“Classic Design: Updated Concepts”

>> Interior designer SUZANNE TUCKER of Tucker & Marks

Wednesday June 24, 11am-– 2 noon, PST

“California Design: Interiors for Today”

>> Interior designer BENJAMIN DHONG, Benjamin Dhong Interiors

Thursday June 25, 11 am—12 noon PST

“Inside the Studio”

>> Architect and design visionary STANLEY SAITOWITZ, Founder, STANLEY SAITOWITZ | Natoma Architects.

Friday June 26, 11am–12 noon PST

“In the Studio: Crafting Today’s Interiors.”

>> Interior designer PAUL WISEMAN, founder of The Wiseman Group, based in an historic Victorian “captain’s house” on Potrero Hill.


$39 All-Access Pass to all SFDW virtual events. 

The six DYNAMIC MINDS events require an additional ticket fee of $20 each plus the All-Access Pass. The additional DYNAMIC MINDS fee is being paid to the community organizer for producing this series.


Friday June 19, 11am–12 noon: 
“Inside the Vivid World of Ken Fulk”
KEN FULK is an acclaimed, award-winning designer and event planner with studios in New York and San Francisco. He recently launched the St. Joseph Arts Society in a newly restored historic landmark basilica in San Francisco. 

Diane and Ken take an illustrated visit to Ken Fulk Inc. studio, St. Joseph Arts Society, and Ken’s private residence. She discusses a range of Ken’s residential work, his restaurants, the firm’s ethos and lively events. 

KEN FULK and his team designed some of the most exciting restaurants, fantasy retail, private residences private clubs, and a broad array of highly original projects, each with a narrative to create an emotional response. 

Ken founded his design/events/production/branding/creative arts company over fifteen years ago in San Francisco. He now has a studio in New York, and a team of seventy. 

CONTACT and @kenfulk

Saturday, June 20, 11a.m.–12 noon:
“The Pleasures & Paradoxes of Contemporary Classicism

Architect ANDREW SKURMAN, founder of Skurman Architects, San Francisco and Paris.

Diane and Andrew discuss his award-winning architecture, vivid details and the refinement of Classicism.

Founded in 1992 by Andrew Skurman, Skurman Architects is based in San Francisco and Paris. Drawing from on-site study, and a rare collection of academic monographs, the firm uses historical precedents to guide its design process for innovative, and sophisticated solutions for modern building and living. The firm utilizes the Beaux-Arts tradition of watercolor rendering, along with constructing models, to further complement its work. Skurman Architects is recognized nationally and internationally for custom residences, from grand country residencies to city apartments. The firm has emerged as the leading practice for applying classicism through the diverse traditions of the French, Georgian, and Mediterranean (Greco-Roman) styles. Skurman was recently a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome. He is currently working on projects in Japan, India, France and California. 

CONTACT and @andrewskurmanarchitects

Tuesday June 23, 11am—12 noon: 
“Classic Design: Updated Concepts”

Interior designer SUZANNE TUCKER of Tucker & Marks, is a leading figure in San Francisco interior design for almost four decades.

Diane and Suzanne discuss and survey Tucker & Marks' residential projects, including her inspired residence in Santa Barbara. They also discuss the importance of design, philanthropy and education.

SUZANNE TUCKER, a co-founder of the Northern California Chapter of The Institute of Classic Architecture and Art, is known for her timeless style, elegant interiors and her passion for architecture and the decorative arts. She first worked with the legendary Michael Taylor. Suzanne and her husband/partner Timothy F. Marks founded Tucker & Marks in 1986.

Suzanne founded Suzanne Tucker Home, a remarkably elegant and versatile collection of handsome textiles in handsome colors and attractive combinations. Over her career, Suzanne has designed multiple residences for families. Her designs enrich their lives, and several generations enjoy the benefits of the style and comfort of her visionary design, décor and wisdom. Tim and Suzanne have generously lead a range of lively community involvement, from design education fund-raisers to education seminars, and other design philanthropy.

“Good design transcends trends. Color and style are subjective, but today educated collectors buy very good art, seek out the best furniture whether new or antique, and are in search of timeless design,” said Suzanne. 

CONTACT and @suzanne_tucker

Wednesday June 24, 11am–12 noon:
“California Design: Interiors for Today”

Interior designer BENJAMIN DHONG and Diane will survey and view Benjamin's projects across California, plus wine country entertaining and design.

BENJAMIN DHONG has studios in downtown San Francisco and in Healdsburg, in the wine country. He launched his design practice in 2007 after a successful debut at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House. Ben’s rooms are superbly planned, intelligent, harmonious and balanced - a fresh mix of traditional and modern, striving for an effortless elegance.

Projects range from a residence in Silicon Valley the CEO of Sony; a residence in Southern California for the chairman of Fox Films, to wine country houses in the Napa Valley, and residences in the Cotswolds, and Greece. With projects coast-to-coast Benjamin Dhong still calls San Francisco his home and his inspiration

“My clients are art collectors, wine-makers, company heads, philanthropists, and young families living in the city. For each I design a highly-customized interior that expresses their dreams, their hopes, and their practical requirements.” 

CONTACT and @benjamindhong

Thursday June 25, 11 am—12 noon
“Inside the Studio” with Stanley Saitowitz

San Francisco-based  architect and design visionary STANLEY SAITOWITZ discusses his global projects.

Stanley Saitowitz is noted for his elegant modernist projects around the world including residential, religious, and multi-family projects (Yerba Buena Lofts) along with art museums. His built work is breath-takingly concise and uncompromising. “I want to make buildings as ephemeral as pixels, as delicate as plasma, as discreet as air,” said Stanley Saitowitz.

Opting for the simplest gestures, Saitowitz designs with pared-down lines rather than overly elaborate concepts or architectural gymnastics. His use of materials is bold and striking.

“Green architecture is an imperative,” said Saitowitz, who was formerly a beloved professor of architecture at UC Berkeley. “I insist on architecture that is environmentally responsible and in tune with current information on climate change and depletion of resources.” Dorrans Saeks will view current international work, and view his impressive studio, a dramatic reimagining of a Victorian mansion in San Francisco.

“I plan architecture to be lucid and clear — one cohesive concept perfectly expressed,” said Saitowitz.

CONTACT and @stanley_saitowitz 

Friday June 26, 11am–12 noon:
 “In the Studio: Crafting Today’s Interiors”

Diane and i
nterior designer PAUL WISEMAN survey the firm's extraordinary body of work and the inspiring customization for which they are known.

PAUL WISEMAN, founder of The Wiseman Group, based in an historic Victorian ‘captain’s house’ on Potrero Hill. The firm, headed by Paul Wiseman was founded in 1980 and is known for attention to detail and highly customized, elegant interiors. Paul and The Wiseman Group maintain a wide knowledge of the history of architecture and of interior decoration. They have a profound commitment to environmental issues. Paul and the senior design team push forward to realize an extraordinary aesthetic and precise approach that results in work that is sensual and intellectual, and emotionally engaging.

Known for innovative, grand and highly detailed rooms, (including an assignment for Salesforce) The Wiseman Group, is now celebrating its 40th year. Congratulations to Paul Wiseman for his success, his admirable tenure, and for the beautiful designs he and his teams have created for over forty years. Admirers of craftsmanship and decorative arts, The Wiseman Group teams work with a top-notch roster of craftspeople around the world to create both high-tech and old-world effects including 3D printing, hand-appliqué, beading, as well as laser cut leather or stone. 

CONTACT and @the_wiseman_group


Diane is the author of 23 design books, including ‘Michael Smith A Certain Style’ (Rizzoli), and ‘Orlando Diaz-Azcuy’ (Rizzoli) and recently, “Jean-Louis Deniot Interiors’ (Rizzoli). She is an editor with C magazine, and a contributing editor with PAPERCITY (Houston and Dallas) and others. She has written for The New York Times, the Financial Times, Vogue Australia, and Harper’s Bazaar. She travels on assignment to locations of architectural, cultural and historical significance including recently Egypt, Sicily, India and Cambodia.

Learn more about Diane Dorrans Saeks on Instagram @dianedorranssaeks 




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Note: as this is our first year as a virtual event, there’s lots of helpful information on ‘how to buy tickets’ and ‘how to sign in’ and explanations of how the ‘virtual’ studio visits work.

Very exciting. And note that this is the first international virtual design week!

We are super-excited. We will be very happy to welcome and see you…virtually.

Oh, and…each speaker event and gather has a ‘chat box’ on its screen to welcome the design community from around the world.

Be sure to sign into the chat box…and send questions for the speakers and hosts.

As always I welcome questions. Send them via chatbox on the CROWDCAST platform after you’re ticketed and signed in.


$39 All-Access Pass to all SFDW virtual events. The six DYNAMIC MINDS events require an additional ticket fee of $20 each plus the All-Access Pass. The additional DYNAMIC MINDS fee is being paid to the community organizer for producing this series.

ANDREW SKURMAN: Ed Addeo; Mark Darley; Matthew Millman; Lisa Romerein

TUCKER & MARKS: Roger Davies; Ken Gutmaker; Matthew Millman; Shelly Strazis

PAUL WISEMAN: Jose Manuel Alorda; Roger Davies; Matthew Millman

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