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San Francisco Decorator Showcase Report: Part 2

This year marks the 41st San Francisco Decorator Shocase, a benefit for University High School’s financial aid programs. This week I’ve brought you an edited close look at talented young designers and their four outstanding rooms.

The showcase this year is located in the Marina neighborhood overlooking the Marina Green and San Francisco Bay.

Come to see the outstanding designs of Willem Racké and Susan Chastain, along with Mead Quin’s living room, Kari McIntosh’s bedroom, and David Bjorngaard’s dining room. I’ve also included their lists of resources.

1. Tangerine Dream Lounge

Decorative artist Willem Racké, Willem Racké Studio, and Susan Chastain of soft furnishings company Susan Lind Chastain Inc created a mid-century retreat Their bold and inventive re-design turned a former closet into a gracious office or an occasional guest room. Inspired by a graphic image from the 1960s, Willem painted the two main walls of the small room in an artful illustionist design giving the sense of looking into infinity The ground color is cream with tangerine shading.

A high gloss orange lacquer covers the ceiling. To achieve the depth of color and sheen, Willem Racké and his artisans applied multiple layers of primer, paint, and lacquer.

The mid-century feeling of the lounge continues with the furnishings. A settee by Guglielmo Veronese circa 1950s mixes with a vintage Jean Touret desk from the same era.

Ombré fabric from Rosemary Hallgarten dresses the windows. To anchor the room, a Turkish Konya carpet, circa 1920, was selected. 

About Willem Racké
Founded in 1989, Willem Racké Studio focuses on collaborating with interior designers, architects and clients, creating beautiful decorative finishes, custom hand finished plaster, murals and cabinetry. Willem has a long history in the art of the painted finish, beginning in Manhattan where he assisted Jeffery Johnson, a noted decorative finish artisan He has had the opportunity to work on exclusive, cutting edge residential and commercial projects, giving him the knowledge and experience necessary to implement the designs and inspirations of his growing clientele.

About Susan Lind Chastain
In 1985 Susan Lind Chastain launched her soft interior furnishings business as a collaborative endeavor with her designer husband, Mark Chastain. In 1988 as a design team they participated their first San Francisco Decorator Showcase. They designed a beautiful baby’s nursery . Susan was able to showcase her dressmaker details and fine sewing skills which have become her trademark. Her involvement in the Decorator Showcase has continued every year, collaborating with Willem Racké on many jewel box rooms. She has also fabricated soft furnishings for talented local designers who have participated in Showcase.

Credits for Tangerine Dream Lounge

Almond & Co. — Jean Touret Desk for Marolles. France, circa 1950s;  Italian Sconces, circa 1950s;  Charlotte Perriand oak stools made for Les Arcs Ski Resort in Savoie France, circa 1960s;  Gino Sarfatti chandelier pendant, Arteluce, Italian 1948;  Jeremy Wintrebert Mirror, France 2016;  Guglielmo Veronesi Settee, Italian circa 1950s, recovered in Holland & Sherry Brunswick;  Studio BBPR for Arflex, "Urania" Armchair, Italian, circa 1954

Cushion Works

De Sousa Hughes — Cuff Console Table, Polished
Gold in Ostrich

Dolby Chadwick — Artwork

Holland & Sherry — Settee Fabric

Holly Hunt/ Kneedler-Fauchere — Lens Table Designed by McCollin Bryan

Rosemary Hallgarten/ De Sousa Hughes — Curtain Fabric

Samuel & Sons/ Kneedler-Fauchère — Trim

Sandra Jordan/ Shears & Window — Fabrics

Susan Lind Chastain — Fabrication of Soft Furnishings

Tony Kitz — Konya Carpet, circa 1920, woven in Turkey

Willem Racké Studio — Painting and Finishes


Willem Racké Studio
Instagram: @willemrackestudio

Susan Lind Chastain Inc

Rebecca Kmiec

2. Living Room by Mead Quin

“I was thrilled to be get one of the rooms with stunning views of San Francisco’s most treasured feature, San Francisco Bay. This was my starting point for design. I let it lead me and the design for the room which is inspired by nature. I wanted our Room for Living to give visitors a sense of well-being. — Mead Quin

East Bay interior designer Mead Quin presents A Room for Living at the 2018 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Mead drew on her love of fine art and nature, to create a space that inspires connection with self, others and the natural world. Set against picturesque panoramas of San Francisco Bay, the room is composed of quiet colors and soft textures.

From the custom Italian-made Flexform furniture to Holland & Sherry fabrics by way of London, each item was carefully selected for cohesion and beauty as well as purpose and function.

The artwork, which was curated with Artsource Inc., is one of the most personally meaningful components of the room to Mead. Each piece reflects notions of time, memory, culture, observation, spirituality and the earth itself.

They are an ode to mother nature and the way she enhances our well being, even when indoors. Ultimately, Mead’s goal was to create a sophisticated, well-designed space that was purposeful and meaningful and could be enjoyed across generations.

About Mead Quin
Before founding Mead Quin Design, Mead was a successful fine artist focused on portraits. Through this experience, she spent time bringing out the spirit and identity of her subjects onto a 2D canvas. At Mead Quin Design, she does the same inside 3D space, reflecting her clients’ personalities in homes designed to encourage their own essence.

Mead seeks to bring inspiration and motivation balanced with contemplation and relaxation. Every design is backed by thoughtful planning coupled with careful selection of high-quality items that are meaningful and adored rather than just pretty. While every detail is thoughtfully considered, her keep-it-simple, lighthearted approach results in enjoyable experiences and lasting relationships.

Credits for A Room For Living:

Artsource Inc. - Art

Russell Brace - Lighting Design

Erden and De Sousa Hughes - Rug

Farrow & Ball – Paint

Flexform - Sofas and Coffee Table

Fox Marble - Material and Fabrication at Fireplace and Bar Counter

Hardesty Dwyer - Upholstery at Bar, Stools, and Desk

HEWN - Custom Desk

Holland & Sherry - Fabrics

JLN Builders – Contractor

Lindsey Adelman - Chandelier

Moore & Giles - Leather at Custom Desk

Moore’s Custom Cabinets - Built-in Bar and Shelves

Riitta Herwitz Design Support - Window Treatments, Pillows


Mead Quin Design
Suzanna Scott
Instagram: @suzannascottphoto

3. Kari McIntosh’s Romantic Bedroom Features Custom-Designed Julia B. Linens

My decorative artist, Caroline Lizarraga suggested we paint the bedroom’s closet floor with a faux rug. I wanted to create something inspired by the mosaic floors I saw at Herculaneum. With a mosaic stencil the artists created the most beautiful decorative floor with paint. It really fools the eye into thinking it's a mosaic. Many visitors to the house crouch down to feel the floor.” — Kari Macintosh

Kari McIntosh presented Lararia Guest Refuge. Inspired by recent travels to the ancient seaside refuge of Herculaneum, Italy, Kari’s Lararia (a shrine to the household Gods of a Roman family) serves as a tranquil retreat.

Soft goods such as the luxurious custom bedding by Julia B. Couture and drapery/headboard fabrics by Loro Piana a were selected for their luxurious, bespoke details.

Soothing neutral tones—ivory walls and bedding—are juxtaposed with a dramatic Pompeian red ceiling.

A modern interpretation of the ancient empire’s architecture and design, this space is infused with Roman-inspired elements; charred wood nightstands by Moran Woodworked Furniture recall the scorched beams in the town of Herculaneum caused be the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

The watchful eyes of ceramic snakes, created by San Francisco local artist Linda Fahey, above the bed, fend off bad spirits.

Tucked inside the closet is the ‘Lararia’, a lavish fresco by Caroline Lizarraga Decorative , with vibrant imagery of trees and snakes believed by Romans to bring abundance and good fortune.

About Kari McIntosh
With over a decade of experience in high-end residential design, Kari McIntosh Dawdy has fostered strong relationships with clients in San Francisco, Piedmont, Hillsborough, Santa Barbara, and beyond. Through travel, hands-on experience, and education, Kari developed a love for many forms of design, with her mix of California cool that blends high and low, new and old. All of her interiors focus on detail, craftsmanship, proportion, glamor, comfort, and unique touches for every room. An expert at creating bespoke, vibrant interiors with an emphasis on form, function, and beauty. Her work has been called, “charming, fresh, and beautifully detailed.”

Vendor List for Lararia Guest Refuge:

Julia B. Handmade - Custom Capri Bedding in Celadon Linen and Ecru Percale

Coup D’Etat - Ceramic Snakes by Linda Fahey

C. Mariani Antiques, Restoration & Custom - Venetian Glass Mirror

Farrow & Ball- Paint

Fernando The Neat – Painting

FOUND by Maja - Vintage French Cosmetic Boxes

Hardesty Dwyer & Co. - Headboard Fabrication

HEWN - Paul Ferrante Inc. Chandelier

Jane Gianarelli – Rendering

LuxHoldUps - Lucite Shelf and Rod

Leong Interiors - Drapery and Bedskirt Fabrication

Loro Piana Interiors - Drapery and Headboard Fabric

Mark de Bibo & Co - General Contractor

McCroskey Mattress Company - Mattress, Frame, Comforter, Pillows

Moran Woodworked Furniture - Charred Nightstands

Robert Long Lighting - Task and Art Lighting

Sara Jaffe Designs - Benucci Chair

Samuel & Sons - Trim for headboard

The Rug Company - Decorative Rug

SB Fine Arts - Artwork, Artist: Karine Leger


Kari Macintosh Design
Instagram: @karimcintoshdesign

John Merkl
Instagram: @johnmerkl

4. Bjørn Design – The Art Salon Dining Room

Interior Designer David Bjørngaard drew inspiration from four elements–sand, driftwood, sage, and sky.

The room showcases vintage Axel Einar Hjorth Lovo dining chairs, Scandinavian lounge chairs, a modern walnut dining table, a floating bench and a custom Kyle Bunting hair-on-hide rug.

The mobile by Julia Condon adds an unexpected substitute for a chandelier providing a piece of “jewelry” in the room. The dining room becomes a sensory escape where refined detailing and materiality are celebrated, acting as a backdrop for the owner’s passion for art and collectible furniture.

About David Bjørngaard
The Minnesota native grew up on a farm where he learned to follow the pattern of the sun, respect a sense of place, and value simplicity.

After moving West to study at the California College of the Arts he worked for interior designer Orlando Diaz-Azcuy. The seven years he spent with the Interior Design Hall of Fame inductee taught him to observe a room, simplify detailing and clarify function.

One of the high points of Bjørngaard’s career with Diaz was as project manager for the dining room of the 2009 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Bjørngaard returns this year to showcase his own design in The Art Salon Dining Room. David Bjørngaard founded Bjørn Design in 2016.

Credits for Bjørn Design – The Art Salon Dining Room

BDDW • dining table

Dinter Fine Art NYC • Julia Condon mobile

Almond & Co. • dining chairs, lounge chair, and faceted cabinet

Anglim Gilbert Gallery, Haines Gallery, Jessica Silverman Gallery, Ratio 3 • artwork Connect Art International • art delivery and installation

Diluzio, Inc., City Lights • lighting

Elwell Trucking • storage and delivery

Gallery 925 • silver

Heather and French Painting • painting

Julian Giuntoli • custom side board

Kyle Bunting • custom rug

Larsen, Cowtan & Tout • leather and fabric

Malatesta & Co • custom pillows

Metropolis Metal Works, Julian Giuntoli, Thompson Brooks, with upholstery by Leonardo’s Fine Furniture • custom window seat

Mark Nelson Designs with installation by J&M Carpets • sisal flooring

Paige Glass Co. • window glass

Rossi Antiques • custom tea table

Willem Racké Studio • plaster walls


David Bjørngaard, 
Bjørn Design
Instagram:  @bjorndesign_ca

David Duncan Livingston
Instagram: @daviddlivingston

Information on Dates and Times for the 2018 San Francisco Decorator Showcase

WHERE: 465 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco.

WHEN:  April 28, 2018 - May 28, 2018

HOURS:  Open Tuesday - Sunday (Closed Mondays, except Memorial Day)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday:
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (last entry)

10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (last entry)

Sunday and Memorial Day:
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (last entry)
Instagram:  @sfshowcase

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