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Designers’ Favorite Source: Celebrating the New Collections at Room & Board

Room & Board is a well-kept secret of many top designers. And with showrooms around the country, it’s a favorite source for homeowners looking for exclusive and American-crafted furniture, lighting, carpets and rugs and accessories with a modern, timeless edge.

I’m always amazed how many leading designers tell me they rely on Room & Board for their clients’ city apartments, country houses, mountain cabins, as well as new apartments, new guest quarters, as well as Hawaiian retreats and luxury penthouses. For a low-key company, they have a passionate following in the design trade’s top talent.

So I was honored to be invited recently to host a luncheon for a super-talented group of San Francisco’s leading designers, all Room & Board fans.

This week, I’m giving you a tour of my Room & Board favorites, and you’ll see who was at the lunch…along with the super-special cuisine served by Sylvan Mishima Brackett of Izakaya Rintaro and formerly with Chez Panisse.

It was a vivid and lively lunch, lots of fun, and a tasty one in every sense.

Come and join the fun—and see who was there and my favorite picks of new product.

Celebrating a New Collection, and Designers to Watch

I recently hosted a celebratory luncheon at Room & Board in San Francisco, with a dazzling group of interior designers and architects.

Here’s the invitation:

Celebrating Designers To Watch

Please join Diane Dorrans Saeks, best-selling design author, and magazine editor, and founder of the influential blog The Style Saloniste, along with Jeffrey Houston, manager of Room & Board San Francisco, for a luncheon and presentation to view the new 2017 collection. Diane will share her favorites from new products, while Jeffrey will discuss the latest trends.

A custom-designed Bento box lunch and dessert will be created by esteemed chef Sylvan Mishima Brackett of Rintaro.

We gathered for a delicious lunch, and for vivid conversations and dazzling discussions. Several of the designers had just been selected to create rooms at the 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase (opening end of April).

I presented my picks from the newest Room & Board collections—and after lunch, everyone lingered on to chat, catch up, and to view the sunny showrooms, vignettes, and arrays of accessories and rugs.

Oh, and to touch and feel the new Indigo collections, and the hand-woven wool blankets that are all exclusive to Room & Board (a designers’ secret).

Brenda Mickel and Kathy Best

Angela Free and Matthew Leverone

Jean Larette, Martin Korbus and Beth Martin

Diane Dorrans Saeks and Catherine Kwong

Jonathan Rachman, PR Consultant Coralie Langston-Jones and Chris Eskra

Martin Young and Catherine Kwong

Ben Dhong

Jamie Belew

Julie Lloyd

Room & Board San Francisco Manager Jeffrey Houston and PR Consultant Coralie Langston-Jones

Martin Korbus, Susan Collins Weir and Chris Bergin

Jonathan Rachman and Heather Hilliard

Angela Free and Maria Tenaglia

Designers We Celebrated

Barbara Chambers       Sofia Shu Escribano 

Carolyn Pfaff         Chris Eskra 

Ian Stallings         Heather Hilliard 

Kathy Best         Carlo Ablaza (R&B) 

Martin Korbus         Martin Young 

Angela Free         Julie Lloyd 

Coralie Langston-Jones         Ben Dhong 

Catherine Kwong         Diane Dorrans Saeks / Host 

Jeffrey Houston (R&B)         Jean Larette 

Jon De La Cruz         Matthew Leverone 

Beth Martin         Brian Dittmar 

Jonathan Rachman         Susan Collins Weir 

Heather Robertson (R&B)         Maria Tenaglia 

Kelly Hohla         Chris Bergin 

David Diaz         Nick Larson 

Brenda Mickel 

For the Love of Indigo:  Gouro Vintage African Textiles

Room & Board recently introduced a very compelling series of West African Indigo textiles are hand-loomed by artisan weavers in Burkina Faso and Mali, using traditional techniques.
The newest products include pillows, throws, wraps, decorative yardage, and lengths of versatile dyed cotton fabrics.

Thesel textiles are crafted from narrow strips of cotton fabric that are hand-woven on personal looms in the western countries of Africa.

The narrow strips are stitched together then dyed in indigo using a paste- or stitch-resist technique to create unique patterns. Originally used as clothing or blankets, these textiles can be used as throws, bed coverings or as striking wall hangings.

New Collections with Lasting Power

1. Patterns and textures 

2. Leather collection—very fantastic

3. American craftsmanship

4. Rugs 

5. Indigo—great for city, beach, country, mountains, desert

6. Handblown glass lighting

7. Pillows

About Room & Board

Founded in 1980, Room & Board’s philosophy is that good design should be: modern, beautiful, affordable and long-lasting. 

Dedicated to sustainability, more than 90 percent of its collection is made from natural materials by American artisans.

With designs for furnishing a residence of any style or a business setting, the company offers a straightforward and uncomplicated shopping experience, expert design guidance. Room & Board has stores in Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Washington, D.C., Seattle, and Boston, and online at

Room & Board, San Francisco
685 Seventh Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Showroom manager: Jeffrey Houston


Instagram @roomandboard
Twitter @roomandboard



All Room & Board products and showrooms images courtesy of Room & Board.

Luncheon and designers photographed by Brett Wickens.

Celebratory designer lunch images at Room & Board, San Francisco.

Sylvan Mishima Brackett, Izakaya Rintaro, San Francisco.

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