Monday, October 31, 2016

Sexy Italian Style: Newest Furniture by Flexform

Chic and alluring new furniture and lighting from Flexform is my focus this week.

I’ve always loved the design approach by the forty-year-old Italian design company, Flexform. This season the company is presenting its best collection, with sexy new fabrics, sleek new silhouettes, and a chic new color palette. I love the leather sofas (soft as clouds) and a series of custom sofas, very family-style.

Come and see what’s new.

And I recently hosted a wonderfully inspiring tribute to San Francisco’s leading architects and interior designers. Come and see who was dining and chatting at the Flexform San Francisco showroom.

Lots to see and love this week. Come with me for a tour.

What’s New at Flexform San Francisco

For 2016, Flexform presented new designs created by three extraordinary personalities: the architect Antonio Citterio, who for over forty years has coordinated the collections, the visionary Daniel Libeskind and the elegant Carlo Colombo. 

The collections by the three architects, each with his own different design poetics, form a harmonious whole, in keeping with the stylistic code of the company. Comfort is the indispensable factor. Call it inner elegance. 

Celebrating Talent and New Accomplishments

An evening with San Francisco leading designers and architects at the Flexform showroom in San Francisco’s Design District

I recently hosted, with showroom director/founder Gregory Herman, a vivid and celebratory private dinner. We invited highly accomplished interior designers and architects and were thrilled when designer Gary Hutton arrived with his new book, ‘Art House’, for a first look.

Among the brilliant and talented guests were Pamela Babey, Gary Hutton, Daniel Piechota, Eche Martinez, Lise de Vito and Jim Zack, Chris Orsega and Tina Lindinger, along with Annie Lowengart, Mead Quinn, Kathy Best, Benjamin Dhong, and Charles de Lisle. Also on hand to test the leather sofas and touch the cashmere upholstery were Chris Bergin and Martin Kobus, and Angela Free.

All guests received a signed copy of my new book, “Jean-Louis Deniot Interiors’ (Rizzoli).

We lingered on in convivial conversation until midnight. A wonderful evening, indeed. Thank you, Gregory Herman.

Host Gregory Herman and Daniel Piechota, Sagan Piechota Architecture.

Pamela Babey, BAMO, and Gary Hutton, Gary Hutton Design.

Benjamin Dhong, Benjamin Dhong Interiors

Angela Free, Kathy Best and Mead Quinn

Annie Lowengart, Ann Lowengart Interiors

Chris Orsega and Tina Lindinger, both with BCJ, with Charle de Lisle, The Office of Charles de Lisle.

Lise de Vito and Jim Zack, Zack de Vito, architects.

Chris Bergin and Martin Kobus, Martin Kobus, Inc.

Ken Lindsteadt, Ken Linsteadt Architects with Eche Martinez

Gregory Herman with Domenica Catelli, Cattelli’s, Geyserville.

Newest 2016 Flexform Designs by Antonio Citterio, Carlo Colombo and Daniel Libeskind

Antonio Citterio for Flexform:

Collection by Carlo Colombo for Flexform:

New sofa designed by Daniel Libeskind for Flexform:

About Flexform

FLEXFORM was founded in 1959 in the furniture manufacturing district of Brianza, in Northern Italy. The workshops are in a territory where the history of many small crafts workshops working with wood, metal and upholstery since the early 1900s intertwines with that of the great masters of Italian design, trained in the School of Architecture in nearby Milan

In 1959 the Galimberti brothers started a crafts workshop, which they called “Flexform di Galimberti.” They opened their first street-front showroom, displaying sofas and armchairs that found their way, in the postwar era, into elegant buildings in Milan, villas overlooking Lake Como, even the foyer of Teatro alla Scala.

Later, their sons transformed the workshop into an industrial facility. Intuition prompted the family to work with the leading designers of the time: Joe Colombo, Asnago-Vender, Cini Boeri, Rodolfo Bonetto and many others.

With the young Italian architect Antonio Citterio, Flexform embarked on a path of professional growth that has continued to the present, for over forty years.

The 1970s marks a decisive turning point in the firm’s conception of products. Avoiding repetition of past styles, the production became increasingly original and contemporary. The company went global—selling across the world.

For the past 40 years, Antonio Citterio has been supervising the Flexform collection.

I especially admire the Flexform company philosophy. The Galimberti family owners say, “The challenge is to keep intact that “expedition behavior” – to use a term borrowed from Jeff Ashby, the Space Shuttle commander – namely the altruistic and generous behavior typical of mountain climbing expeditions, where valuing the team above all other concerns is the key to success. So continuing to think in collective terms for the benefit of the brand is the most important challenge for our family business.”


Flexform San Francisco

145 Rhode Island Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


9am to 5pm Monday–Friday
11am to 4pm Saturday
Closed Sunday


Jessica Monroy, Drew Altizer

Domenica Catelli’s of Catelli’s Restaurant
21047 Geyserville Ave.
Geyserville, California


Via Einaudi 24/25
20821 Meda (MB) Italia
T. +39 0362 3991
F. +39 0362 399228


Brillante said...

What an evening must have been. Loved Flexform forever since I am also from Milan and happy every time great Italian design is celebrated in style.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


loved your note. yes, I have admired flexform for a long time...and this dinner party in the showroom was a lot of fun.