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Jeweler I Love: Pamela Love

I’ve been watching the evolution and exploration of Pamela Love’s jewelry designs since she founded her company in 2007 in Manhattan. Her first handcrafted designs were inspired by traditional folkloric traditions, and were crafted in gold and in silver with decorative materials like rare shells, fossils, mine-cut quartz, and poetic gems and unusually compelling stones. Her newest designs are sleek, sensual, timeless and compelling.

In her new book, MUSES AND MANIFESTATIONS: Pamela Love Jewelry (Rizzoli), she invites us into her universe, revealing the obsessions and inspirations behind her highly collectible designs. Oh, and did I say, Beyonce is a fan.

I’m inspired by Pamela’s revelations of her varied and worldly inspirations. The book is in effect a scrapbook divided thematically. Chapters are based on different sources of wide-ranging inspiration—Santa Fe, Georgia O’Keeffe, Indian weaving, Tarot cards, desert landscapes, flea-market paintings, sculptural skulls, modern architecture, Frida Kahlo. She takes us inside her creative process, giving an up-close sense of the mind of a dreamer and designer.

One aspect of her designs is magic and the occult. Her popular necklaces and pendants and rings are inspired by astronomy and astrology and the study of the heavens. New Mexico and Mexico.

She riffs on Morocco and the idea of journeying to exotic parts of the world, and desert regions set her imagination on fire. She loves the American Southwest and nature. A recent translation of a classic design includes ring designs in 14k yellow gold plate over sterling silver with lapis and white topaz. The sleek and very sculptural ring is also in 14k rose gold plate over sterling silver with bronze calcite and white topaz ($210 on her website,

Love’s creations are deeply spiritual and intuitive, influenced by astrology, alchemy, botany, and she alludes to traditional and tribal patterns from North Africa. She leaps from Mexican folk art to medieval European iconography. Referencing elements of her home in New York City, she arrives at her own immediately recognizable aura of modern, yet mystical inspired jewelry.

“Pamela Loves jewels are not sentimental, decorative illustrations, complements of a pleasant and mindless daily life. They continue, in innovative ways, the age-old traditions of talismans.”  – Francesco Clemente

About Pamela Love

Pamela Love began making jewelry in her Brooklyn apartment in 2007 and went on to launch her namesake brand, building a full production facility and design studio in Manhattan’s garment district. She quickly proved her talent among the fashion community and was recognized for her designs by the Council of Fashion Designers of America or the CFDA, winning the prestigious CFDA Swarovski Award for Accessory Design. She earned the position as runner up in the competitive program, the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund.

In MUSES AND MANIFESTATIONS: Pamela Love Jewelry, she invites us into her universe, revealing the obsessions and inspirations behind her ultra-personal designs.

Pamela Love prides herself on her brand’s sustainability and localized production. Love was born in New York and resides in the city now.

How to Find Pamela:

On the website, find all stores and online sites that sell Pamela Love jewelry. Her seasonal collections are available at Bergdorf Goodman and in many smaller chic boutiques throughout the US. Colette in Paris is one of her stockists. 
And link to her excellent and highly informative blog through her website. 

Follow Pamela Love on Facebook. Pamela’s newest designs for AW16 are presented with verve on her Facebook pages.

She also presents sleek new designs for pre-order. New directions and new ideas are inspiring—and show the trajectory of her creative mind.

Follow Pamela Love on Instagram: @pamelalove


Rizzoli New York /

Muses and Manifestations: Pamela Love Jewelry 
By Pamela Love
Foreword by Ray Siegel, with text by Francesco Clemente
Rizzoli New York

Images from Muses and Manifestations: Pamela Love Jewelry published here with permission.

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