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A World of Exciting Architecture: Newest Modern Brazilian Architecture by David Bastos, Interpreter of Dreams

This week, we escape down to the summery Southern Hemisphere, to meet a leading Brazilian architect, David Bastos. 

We take a first exclusive look at the dramatic new penthouse this award-winning architect recently designed in Natal, on the north-eastern coast of Brazil.

This private residence is situated on the top two floors of the tallest building in Natal—one of the fastest-growing cities in South America. 

Transcending boundaries:  The sun-loving Bahian way of life shines in this bold and sybaritic architecture by David Bastos.

In this duplex, Bastos’s modern, clean lines, crisp fenestration, and fully delineated concepts are evident. This region of Brazil enjoys temperatures hovering around 100 degrees F in summer. The luxurious pool—shaded in the afternoon—offers early-morning refreshment, and late evening relaxation with views of the Atlantic coast and the city sky-line. 

This penthouse is atop a handsome new residential building in a prime location in Natal, northeastern Brazil. It's the capital of Rio Grande do Norte state, near Bahia. The Potenji River runs through the city, curving out to the ocean.

Note: Natal is located on the promontory of Brazil that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean: next stop to the east is central Africa.

It's a beach city with miles of sun-struck coast, and with business, real estate development, agriculture in the region, and tourism driving the economy.

The turquoise body of water visible from the penthouse is the Atlantic Ocean. 

Architect David Bastos

Brazil's leading interiors and architecture photographer, Tuca Reines.
I met Tuca some years ago in Rio de Janeiro when were were working on a new book project.
He's a fantastically talented photographer, very hardworking, always traveling. He is based in São Paulo, Brazil. I'm delighted to feature his new work here--a spectacular penthouse in Natal, Northern Brazil.

David Bastos: The architect’s work can be found in various parts of Brazil and around the world, in addition to his native El Salvador.

Wide-ranging projects include houses, resorts, office buildings and beach retreats in locations as varied as the chic beach town Trancoso, in Bahia and Recife, as well as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and further afield in London, Miami, Porto, Portugal, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

The David Bastos studio headquarters overlooks the Baía de Todos os Santos in historic Salvador. This town, ornate with baroque sixteenth-century cathedrals and former monasteries, is a UNESCO historic site, world patrimony, and it is beautifully and elegantly preserved.

The architect’s office is situated in an historic warehouse that had operated since the time of sailing boats. After Bastos acquired it ten years ago it turned this area of the docks into a charming and desirable address in Bahia. 

About David Bastos:   Although born into a family of doctors, Bastos was enchanted by architecture early. While still a student at the Federal University of Bahia, he gained experience working with public agencies in the development of affordable housing and urban planning. The knowledge acquired at that time and accumulated over the years is currently used in residential, commercial and business conducted by his office, DB Architects.

For David, comfort and informality are the key words of good architecture. He is renowned in Brazil and is the most famous and accomplished architect in Bahia.

David was born on December 7th, under the blessings of Omulú and with a Conceição da Praia evening celebration, a popular and important religious celebration in Bahia state, Brazil.

His projects reflect a little bit of the syncretism and the joy of celebrating life, which are very strong characteristics in Bahia.

When he decided to study at the Bahia Federal University of Architecture, over 30 years ago, he strayed from his family path of becoming a doctor. Bahia may have lost a doctor, but the state benefited from a daring architect whose versatile approach can be seen in hundreds of projects. 

“Spaces are there to be explored and optimized. They are not merely decoration pieces to impress guests” says the architect whose focus is also a great respect for the original characteristics of spaces.

Bastos recently designed an eco-conscious beach-side resort north of the city of Natal, using sustainably harvested woods and introducing many new technologies to save energy, water, and materials.

Bastos blends new and old and bets on using different materials, he says: “Once it is carried out properly; every single work has a very unique interpretation and the power to generate good results”. 

The elegance and subtlety of such a space alchemist, regarding proportion and good taste means that he has won a loyal and trend-aware audience, including the Brazilian pop star, Daniela Mercury.

David Bastos has offices in Salvador and São Paulo. He also has a commercial department office in Rio de Janeiro known as DB Arquitetos, and his architecture office is currently facing a strong expansion.

May all Orishas* keep blessing this innovative and versatile architect.

*Orisha: Gods or spirits of a traditional Afro-Brazilian religion. 


All photography of the David Bastos apartment is by Sao Paulo, Brazil, photographer Tuca Reines, a longtime friend of mine.

Tuca is the top interiors and architecture photographer in Brazil, and he works all over the world and covers South America. Reines recently photographed residences and hotels the USA; in France, for Natura Store and Hyatt Paris; in Mexico, Mandarin Hotel; in Italy, La Bandita for Vogue. 

The life of a Brazilian photographer.  One day Tuca Reines is shooting on the sunny and vivid Brazilian coast--and the next day he is much further south, on the coast of Uruguay, on on the sand drifts of the Cabo Polonio, a magical and mysterious outpost of improvised houses and gypsy chic lives.

Tuca's Books:

- 2009 Casas de São Paulo / Metalivros => Published in São Paulo, Brazil

- 2009 Bahia Style / Taschen

- 2009 Embaixada da França / Imprensa Oficial

- 2008 Living in Bahia / Taschen

- 2005 Taschen ColLection / Taschen => Published in in Germany

- 2004 Great Escapes South America Hotel Book / Taschen

- 2003 Athos Bulcão / Fundação Athos Bulcão => Published in Brasília, Brazil

- 2002 O Azulejo na Arquitetura Civil de Pernambuco no século XIX => Published in Recife, Brazil

- 1999 A Arquitetura de Cláudio Bernardes / DBA => Publicado in Brazil

- 1990 Olhar sobre o Design / Fundação Bienal de São Paulo => Published in Brazil

Rua Emanuel Kant, 58
São Paulo

Tel: +55 11 3061 9127 

Architect David Bastos has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Bahia, in Brazil.

All photography published here by Tuca Reines. All images used with the express permission of the photographer.


Love Your Homes said...

Bom dia Diane.....such a nice reading just before ending my day here in Stockholm!

Also uma maravilha for me as a former Carioca living my younger days in many snap shots of the Brazilian surroundings passing my head with a happy delight. I'm sighing slightly looking at the pictures from the penthouse overviewing the Atlantic.
The design is ultimate and blends well with the landscape of Natal...and then I mean by looking from the inside as we do here. It feels fresh and crisp, even though it's most likely a hot pan outdoors.

Love the many different international stories you give us. It's the mix of many cultures that often brings on a long lasting and balanced design.

Muito obrigada,

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Dear Ingela-
Bom Gia, indeed! Yes this apartment is maravilha...I love it.
I loved seeing images of your own house on your blog, LOVE YOUR HOMES, recently. Dreamy.

Oh, I did not know you lived in Brazil! Well, that is fantastic for you to see this dramatic apartment and location. Natal--not the largest city in Brazil but extremely dynamic--is now a major focus for European real estate investors who want sunny beach life in a burgeoning BraziliIan coastal region.

I love the extravagance of the pool--and then the very classical and elegant and restrained modernist interior. It's all very international (as Brazil is, as you know) and chic. For those who are not familiar with todays' new Brazilian architecture or interiors I think this will be a great discovery.
I wish you every happiness and joy in the New Year.
Lucky 2013! very best DIANE

peggy braswell said...

I adore reading + seeing all the photos of international people. How I love your blog.

Greet Lefèvre said...

Dear Diane,
First of all I give you my best wishes for this New Year! I am always looking forward to your blogposts!Your posts are a surplus value to our blogger community of interior design and culture!
Thank you so much for introducing us to this stunning architect! David's work is just gorgeous and oh so inspiring! I enjoyed this post so much!Thank you dear Diane!

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Hello, Peggy-

Yes! I agree. The world of design is wide and rich and wonderfully diverse--and at the same time a Brazilian interior can look as if it could be in Italy or London! So few Brazilian interiors and so little South American architecture is published in American and European publications. You would hardly know that traditionally, some of the greatest modern architects are Brazilian! Brazil is such a creative, vibrant and advanced country in design and architecture--and I'm really delighted to present David Bastos.

Dear Greet-
Thank you so much. It seems we have been friends now for so long--since you first launched Belgian Pearls. Now your blog is one of the greats--so stylish and generous and bright and gorgeous. I knew you would like this cosmopolitan view. Europeans travel to Brazil a lot--they are real travelers. I can't wait to go to Brazil soon and look forward to more discoveries.

Lucky 2013. very best DIANE

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


Now the design community in Brazil is reading THE STYLE SALONISTE.

I received the following message from the studio of Tuca Reines, the photographer of the DAVID BASTOS STORY:

dear Diane--
We loved the post about Tuca and David Bastos.
Thank you very much!
We sent the newsletter above for our contacts.

All best!!!

Júlia Ribeiro

Koby Souter said...

This looks pretty much like the bachelor pad of Tony Stark. For me this is my dream vacation house. My cousin has a house located in the highlands and she underwent wall removals to achieve this kind of window. The people she hired did a brilliant job.

Scarlet Ferrero said...

I'm so in love with this house! Thanks for sharing the pictures!