Monday, January 16, 2012

The Chicest New Jewel Salon: Mish New York

The great Mish Tworkowski opens his glorious new jewelry salon in Manhattan:  Design inspiration and jewels to swoon over 

With its new downtown address, boldly graphic faux-bois walls (certain to set trends), elaborate chandeliers, quirky mirrors and sinuous sofas, the new Mish New York jewel salon offers seductive new design ideas.

It’s a delicious showcase for Mish’s elegant and ultra-feminine jewelry (with a collection for men, too).

Come with me for a private visit.

Meet Mish, hear all of his news, and then swoon over his fabulous and sparkling jewelry collection. 

I've known the brilliant New York jewelry designer Mish Tworkowski for many years—since he was working as a jewelry specialist at Sotheby's. My great friend Michael Smith, the designer, connected us.

In those days, Mish had a lovely private salon near the Ralph Lauren flagship mansion, and I'd visit when I was in Manhattan.

I still wear all of the pieces I bought from him then—pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, a fantastic pair of gold cross-wire earrings that look like extravagant emeralds (Mish and I call them the 'Jumby Bay' earrings because they look like the sea at a certain moment at Jumby Bay).

I wear the gold zinnia flower earrings, and a great pair of larger flower earrings with pearls, plus some square Greek key-edged earrings with 'diamonds' and his bark-patterned earrings with 'diamonds'. All very wonderful and original. Costume and the best of the best. The finest costume jewelry—now ‘travel jewelry’—was then his specialty.

Then Mish got serious. He opened a new salon, off Park Avenue, and sold only the real thing. Gold, Diamonds, Emeralds. And highly desired by the likes of the very discerning Charlotte Moss, Amy Fine Collins, and international chicsters. 

Now Mish has moved to a divine new jewel salon downtown at 30 Bond Street, in the NoHo historic district, between Lafayette and Bowery.

You'll see all the jewelry below. Many of his designs are inspired by nature—sea urchins, flowers, leaves, coral, leaves, branches.

New York interior designer Charlotte Moss, one of Mish’s longtime clients, commented exclusively to THE STYLE SALONISTE:

“Mish is one of the most positive, upbeat, generous people I know. His cheerful outlook and love of life are reflected in the beauty that he creates.

You have to see the beauty in life and love life in order to create such glorious jewels. Mish’s smile, his manner, his colorful bowties, are so distinctive. He is someone you want to be around.

I wear one of his necklaces around my neck, a cuff on my wrist, or a pair of showstoppers on the earlobes. That works for me!

Some of my favorite pieces are my opera-length chocolate-colored South Sea pearls with his signature gold toggle. I also feel wonderful when I am wearing my Pagoda brooch with an incredible emerald cut peridot. Divine. And a jewel encrusted Gold Bark cuff, but then again there's the…oh, well....I love it all. Thank you, Mish.”

Come and meet Mish, see his superbly distinctive jewels (he also has a men's line) and visit with me his deliriously wonderful new salon.

Sit down with us, and become one of Mish's adored pals. 

DDS: Bravo and congratulations on your divine new salon—and your move downtown. Tell us about the location, the neighborhood. 
MT: Diane I am so happy that we are catching up. We love our new spot. Bond Street is one of the most wonderful blocks downtown. It has an amazingly artistic and vibrant feeling. It's wide and cobblestoned and has a fantastic mixture of historic 19th Century buildings mixed with ultra-chic new apartment buildings by such architects as Herzog & de Meuron. Our building is from the mid-nineteenth century. We are very lucky because the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission let us paint our front door a beautiful shade of purple!

DDS: You worked with your partner, Joseph Singer, on the interiors. What was your inspiration and concept? 
MT: Joseph worked on the architecture of the new space. I am so very fortunate to have an amazingly talented architect “on staff” to design the space. Joseph also runs our business – so he was truly on hand for the entire process. We were also guided by our very talented friend Ina Lindemann, an interior designer based in London. She worked closely with us to pull together all the interior spaces. She has a beautiful and aristocratic sense of style mixed with a contemporary love of color and whimsy. She’s just incredible. Our inspiration for the studio was the idea of creating a modern sense of true luxury. Our customers can shop anywhere in the world--so there still had to be a special sense that they were coming to Mish where all the details are the finest possible but also coming downtown to a place that has evolved into the new capitol of unique creativity and beauty. 

DDS: And the walls are so gloriously elegant and original. Who are the genius decorative artists? 
MT: Everyone loves the reception room walls. We even have people who peek in the windows asking us if they can take photos with their phones! The artist who painted the walls was Ina Lindemann’s friend Mark Uriu, a highly admired New York decorative artist. He and his team did all of the painting throughout the space. They’re incredibly talented and professional. 

DDS: You kept the furniture rather simple, nothing too much or over-designed. 
MT: I wanted to have everything in the space, the beautifully painted walls, the hand-made bronze wall vitrines or the incredible fabrics on the furniture, to have their own chance to speak. So we kept everything well edited. Most of the furniture was either purchased at Sotheby’s or Ina had it made in London. A carefully edited space allows you to focus on the jewelry. 

DDS: I love the needlepoint
MT: I love that stool. I purchased it at the Stair Galleries Auction House in Hudson, NY. It once belonged to Robert Woolley who was a beloved expert at Sotheby’s. The needlepoint is so contemporary you could almost believe Jeff Koons made it but it is in fact nineteenth-century Scottish.

DDS: Of course, you have to show off your divine jewels! 
MT: The new studio allows me to present my jewelry in the way I love most. There are seven exquisitely crafted wall cases that each house one or two special pieces, and the rest of my collection is shown on very handsome suede trays. The series of luxuriously appointed public rooms allows us to spend private time with our clients in both casual and elegant settings. 

DDS: The salon is like a discovery. It's so 'one-of-a-kind'. Your jewels are luxurious. You resisted the temptation to go very flash-and-splash. 
MT: Everyone who has seen the new space has been in love with it. Most of my clients are not flashy. They want the most beautifully made jewelry possible, with the finest stones available but they also want to be able to wear it often. They want truly special things that become their signature pieces. 

DDS: The latest with your jewelry designs? 
MT: I created two new collections for the opening of the new studio. One is called ‘Honeywood’ and it is based on the abstract honeycomb pattern of the petrified wood mural in the reception room and the other is called ‘Bond Bow’ and is inspired by all the ribbons that were used in the upholstery of the new furniture pieces. They both incorporate white and brown diamond pave and are set in 18k yellow gold. 

DDS: Your flower earrings are so feminine. And classic. Nothing too trendy. 
MT: I love to garden and never tire of looking at a flower for inspiration. All women look beautiful with a golden flower on their ear!! It makes both the wearer and the admirer smile! 

DDS: I love your pearls. 
MT: Pearls are one of the most beautiful and enchanting elements of the jewelry world. I seek the finest and most unique pearls. The subtlety of their amazing hues and the lovely luster of their nacre is irresistible. I particularly love to make long strands of multi-color baroque pearls. The organic feeling of them is magical. 

DDS: You have long associations with museums around the country. Tell us about them. What's the latest? 
MT: I am on the Board of the New York Botanical Garden and have recently designed two very special collections for them. Over the past decade, the Garden has fostered a special relationship with the Imperial Garden in Tokyo. The curators of both gardens have created for the past two years in New York City an exhibition of Japanese Horticultural Art. I designed to commemorate the occasion jewelry collections inspired by Kiku (The Art of the Japanese Chrysanthemum) and Momijigari (Japanese Maple) . Both groups were executed in 18k multi-colored gold and multi-colored diamonds. 

Charlotte Moss said,” I admire Mish, Joseph Singer, his partner, and their relationship. I admire the way they work together. I see how their skills mesh, how they respect each other, and how they laugh together. That says volumes about them and their wonderful company. I have such admiration and respect for that. I am a huge fan.”

DDS: What new designs are you working on? 
MT: I am still adding to the two collections that I did for the opening of our new studio. Many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind so as they sell I add new ones to the groups. I am particularly having lots of fun with the ribbon pieces. They are delicate and sculptural at the same time!! 

DDS: Mish—I wish you every success and fun with your new venture. I can't wait to see you again when I'm next in New York. 
MT: Thank you so much, Diane. I can’t wait to see you again. 


Interior decor: Ina Lindemann, Ina Lindemann Interior Design, London
Architecture: Joseph Singer, New York.
Painted walls: Mark Uriu, Mark Uriu Inc, New York.
Furniture: Sotheby’s, Bernd Goeckler, Ritter Antik, George Smith, Soane Britain.
Photographer: Miguel Flores-Vianna

30 Bond Street, New York NY 10012
Appointment Suggested



helen tilston said...

Hello Dianne

Your friend's jewellery designs are magnificent. I shall definitely put a note to self to visit when next in NYC.
Thank you for the intrduction.


Allie said...

Fabulous post! I just love the design style of these beautiful jewels. The salon environment is gorgeous too. Every detail works so well in defining such a chic and glamorous space.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


Good Morning!

How lovely to hear from you.

I'd love you to meet MISH! I suggest that in your next visit to New Mish and make an appointment. It would be so lovely for you to meet him...and have him show you all his beautiful pieces. He is a treasure and you will be captivated.
stay in touch, very best, DIANE

Beauty Follower said...

Great indoor,
amazing jewels!

Reggie Darling said...

Mish is a charming man, I am so happy that he has found and decorated a wonderful new space. Reggie

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Lovely. I could kick myself for missing this opening-rarely do I get to do so-but that week I was staying with Charlotte and was so exhausted I stayed at the house while she carried on. Impossible to keep Up with her, I tried! Hope to see it next time thanks for sharing the beautiful interior photos and the jewels. PGT

quintessence said...

Wonderful piece!! I ADORE Mish's work!!! I visited the old shop on occasion to ogle and drool. Can't wait to see the new salon!! It looks simple exquisite!!

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


Loved hearing from you, Beauty Follower, and KALIMERA to you! Yiasou to you all the way to Greece. Do stay in touch.

Reggie-How lovely to receive your comment. Mish is indeed a gentleman and a cheerful soul. He has must be said...aged in reverse and seems younger and...handsomer...than when I met him lo these many years ago.

PGT: Oh, missed the party. Well, nature abhors a vacuum so another party will present itself, and you will be right there. Lovely to hear from you.

Quintessence--happy to hear from you. I hope you see the Mish store soon..and be sure to call ahead so that he will be there to greet you and show you the latest jewels.

happy days, DIANE

Daniel Detorie said...

Great story on a great and humble talent! I have two sets of Mish's cufflinks. Four of my most treasured possessions. xo

Matthew said...

fab work....