Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet Me on The Skirted Roundtable

Make a pot of lovely tea (or put on your walking shoes) and listen to my my recent podcast interview with Joni, Linda and Megan on The Skirted Roundtable.

Joni and Linda and Megan are the fabulous design bloggers who created The Skirted Roundtable to interview designers and design editors.

We recently did a 50-minute chat about design, design blogging, traveling alone, how bloggers must avoid plagiarism, design books, designers, and travel.

You'll also enjoy reading recent posts on my 'vintage' design books—books I wrote over ten years ago—on Cote de Texas this week. Read more on

I'm truly grateful to Joni, Linda, and Megan for their kindness and their insight into design and blogging. Thank you!

And for more thrills, check on Canadian artist Patti Friday's post today.
Patti recently listened intently to my interview (as she was out walking for exercise) and she created the most wonderful feature today on her colorful and highly original blog. View Patti's thoughtful, witty, and bright feature on:

And don't forget to stay in tune with The Style Saloniste.

Next week, I'll be reporting on discoveries, adventures, highlights and news from my very recent trip to Paris.



Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I loved the interview Diane! It was incredibly interesting and a treat to put a lovely voice with your lovely face!

Karena said...

Diane I will listen first thing in the morning!! I always adore your posts!

Art by Karena

Brillante Interiors said...

I always follow the ladies at the Skirted Roundtable, very enjoyable time of learning and discovering. It was a special treat to hear you talking. Bravissima.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

How lovely to hear from you. Your words on my blog roll ae so cheerful!
Thank you for lovely words.

Karena: Great, listen and let me know. The girls and I actually chatted for hours, and this is a distilled version of our interview.

Albarosa--thank you. I think their interviews are brilliant, and where else can you hear Peggy Russell and Steven Drucker and designers and a range of talent. It's wonderful.

cheers to all friends, DIANE

Love Your Homes said...

I did half of the interview today and I will do the rest tomorrow on my morning walk, I'm tuning in all the way from Stockholm.

I love you classy posting...true talent!


The Antiques Diva™ said...

Just popped over to say Hello after being WOWED by you on the Skirted Roundtable! Your travel advice was 1st class, the blogging advice even more so, and more than that... I loved the way you described your life! Graceful living at it's finest... Delighted to discover your blog.
Toma Haines

Abigail Stopper said...


I truly enjoyed your interview with The Skirted Roundtable! Hearing about your childhood in New Zealand and your evolution into a writer was very inspiring to me. I particularly enjoyed your comments on plagiarism and crediting the artistic talent behind your posts.

Looking forward to your next blog post!

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

I love Sweden (especially Stockholm and the archipelago in the summer)--so I'm delighted to welcome you to THE STYLE SALONISTE. I will be writing about Sweden in an upcoming blog feature--but did you see my feature on GUNNEBO in my archive.
Thank you so much for your kind message. Please be sure to stay in touch.
Hi Toma-I love your blog and your antiques collections. Bravo to you. Yes...traveling alone is the ultimate luxury. However, I always have friends to see in the destinations I choose (Paris, Jaipur, Venice, Stockholm, London, New York, etc) so I'm traveling alone and seeing friends when I arrive at my destination.But I love to head off for an adventure alone--exploring the Rajasthan countryside or finding unknown neighborhood for myself, in London or Brussels. When I travel to places where I don't have friends (...can't think...well, I do have a friend or two in Istanbul...and Antwerp...well, you get the idea)...I make an appointment to meet an art curator or to interview an artist or a talented person I admire. Then I have a interesting one.
Hi Abigail: I hope you will sign up with my one day seminar on antiques and art and connoisseurship, Mid October, through UC Berkeley. Ask Rae Hagner about it. Your blog is most interesting. Love it.
Cheers, DIANE


I had a fantastic time - It is so much fun listening to you ladies.

Anonymous said...


I so enjoyed your interview with SRT! I really loved your travel tips regarding research before the trip. I'm going to Istanbul in September and I've been keeping a file. I think your idea of making an advance appointment with an art curator is an excellent idea.

Your blog advice is thought provoking. I agree the more original and personal my content...the better the entry. Thought provoking.

Happy weekend to you,