Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meeting a Maharajah

India is a jewel: I’m off to see old friends

I will be in India this week, taking in the delights of Delhi,
dabbling in diamonds, breathing in the beauty of palaces, hiking in
tiger country, tripping through temples, and taking in the peace and
serenity of the remote Rajasthan countryside.

I’l be back with stories of gems, palaces, reflecting pools, schools,
and discoveries on the road. I’ll be out in the wilds to find gypsy
encampments, and reposing in perfect splendor in Delhi and Jaipur.

See you next week.


  1. Will miss your posts, but look forward to hearing all about Mother India upon your return...Namaste! xx

  2. My dear, have a safe journey. You will be in your element, I'm sure. If you can, do go and visit their contemporary art fair. My arty friends are attending this event. I heard that it's going to be the highlight of the year.

  3. Diane,

    Bon Voyage - be safe and enjoy the splendor of a fantastic colorful country. As a traveler we have no path that is the glory of life...

    All the best,


  4. Have a nice stay in India! We will love to hear about your discoveries Diane!


  5. I hope you have a great trip. I used to design fshion out of India for both French and Indian companies. I miss it so much. I can't wait to get all the news on your return. Be safe.

  6. It sounds like an amazing journey! Safe travels to you and I look forward to reading about your trip when you return.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. My favourite terrain!
    Luscious, intriguing, and mysterious......

    I am envious........


  8. I'm so happy for you and all your readers!

  9. Enjoy - what a wonderful treat! Safe travels.

  10. Sounds like an exciting trim. Thank you for including me on your blog list. I love your writing and am thrilled! With regards, Michele

  11. ahhhhh...if only to be your traveling 'toy pet' for the trip.
    i promise, i will be good!

  12. D: Have a great trip - be safe!

  13. Diane have a fabulous, exotic and intoxicating trip to India, and yes, bring back all the stories and images you can!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we will see you back home safe and sound soon!

  14. Looking forward to read more enchanting stories. Wishing you the best for a marvelous journey.

  15. How completely divine! OMILORD!!! What a trip! We cannot wait to hear all about it! And only you will have no jet lag!

    You might want to publish a book about that as a public service.....charge a lot!

    You and your blog and all your books are a gift to all of us! THANK YOU!!!



  16. Diane I am so thrilled about your trip, and can't wait to hear the details!

  17. I soooo wish I was coming with you. Enjoy every minute. Can't wait to read about your adventures upon your return. Safe travels.

  18. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in India. Have a fantastic trip!


  19. Can you hear my squeals of delight? India is the next trip I plan to make, so I can't wait to hear every detail you share. I will be taking notes... Bon voyage!

  20. You lucky duck!!
    Best time of year for India, no rain, hot, but not dreadflul.
    I am envious, and also delighted for your experience. Cannot wait to hear the details upon your return.
    Also, I need to write you a proper thank you, which shall be discussed later.
    In the meanwhile, take a camel ride for me, eat some great curry, and travel most safely home to us that love reading your voice.


  21. I can hardly wait! What a wonderful adventure. India has always been in mind to visit. Have a wonderful trip!

  22. i look forward to hearing about your trip... i would love to go to india... i have been to asia many times but never there... someday... soon. safe travels...

  23. What a wonderful opportunity ...a place I hope to visit someday myself.
    As an artist, I'm sure I'd be mesmerized by the sights..The image you
    display of muted tones is striking!

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your travels...

  24. Hi Dear Friends-

    I have landed safely from India. Thank you, Lufthansa, for returning me to California one hour early! How did they do that!

    India was superb--and as always overwhelming, hospitable, funny (Indians have the best sense of humor...always laughing and joyful and wonderfully droll...) and vibrant and intense and surprising. I will be posting as soon as I can, and hope the images are up to expectation. Often I am shooting a group of women walking along the side of a very remote country road with stacks of branches or wheat or water urns on their heads (and wearing saffron colored saris, incredible) and often out of the window of a Jeep, or impromptu, when something or someone surprising appears.
    I stayed at the new Aman hotel in Delhi, which is a dream. So private and polished and perfect. A respite in hectic Delhi.
    I stayed at the Rambagh Palace (Taj) in Jaipur, which has the most beautiful gardens and marble hallways and hospitable staff.
    At Ajabgarh (hear Alwar) I immersed myself in the beauty of Amanbagh, the most splendid and entrancing Aman resort.
    Each place was vivid with beauty and kindness and fragrance.
    I can't wait to return.