Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bravo Jean-Loius Deniot

My dear friend, Paris interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot has just received a fabulous recognition for his talent, vision and focus.

He is included among 70 top international designers in the brilliant new European edition of AD, edited in Paris by the hugely talented Marie Kalt. I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting her in Paris. She has her finger on the pulse of international design—clearly and concisely and without playing favorites. 

It’s a singular accomplishment for Jean-Louis, and for a 34-year-old designer. I wrote about him and gave an exclusive look at his work in THE STYLE SALONISTE on August 25, 2009. Please check THE STYLE SALONISTE archive. You will be impressed. 

In the newly published ‘Best of Interior Design 2010’ special collector issue of European Architectural Digest, Jean-Louis has been selected as a ‘world-class designer’, among top creators and trendsetters, and one of a dynamic selection of today’s most imaginative and influential designers.

He is one of 70 talents that includes long-established Old Guard greats like Francois Catroux, Andree Putman, Patrick Jouin, Alberto Pinto, Jacques Grange, Jacques Garcia, and another favorite of mine, Frederic Mechiche. The lively list also gives a nod to an impressive and provocative list of edgy designers in Turkey, Scandinavia, Paris and New York.

Jean-Louis Deniot is listed in this super-size AD Europe issue (my edition cost $50) under the title, ‘Le Grand Style, Stately Splendor’. (The issue is in English and French.)

The style of Jean-Louis and his interiors is described as ‘Classicisme Cool’ (Cool Classicism) and the writer, Cedric Saint Andre Perrin, notes, ‘Jean-Louis Deniot is renewing the grand tradition of French interior design, adapting it to latter-day lifestyles’. (This AD translation would be more accurately rendered as ‘contemporary lifestyles’.)

Jean-Louis told the editors of this issue of AD, “We never do historical reconstructions or a total look. We take the major themes of our decoration from the Directoire period through to the nineteen fifties, and update them, simplify them, mix them up. We make a big effort to make our effort go unnoticed. It is the art of being invisible.”

Jean-Louis Deniot has recently completed a grand apartment in Chicago, and a residence in New Delhi, and is working on projects in Kiev, Monaco, Florida, New York and Paris—among others.

He’s a long-distance champion, versatile, focused, and with a fabulous Paris team, including his sister Virginie Deniot, to back him up.

Here’s a look at his latest work, a real estate office of John Taylor in Paris (I was in his studio watching him select fabrics as this work took off) along with some of his greatest hits.

John Taylor’s real estate office is shown here, exclusively. It is newly photographed by Xavier Bejot, who has given me permission to use these unpublished images. Thank you, Xavier. I love your work.

Hotel Recamier, Paris

Townhouse in India

Paris Apartment

Above, recent Jean-Louis Deniot projects include the fabulous Hotel Recamier in Paris, a townhouse in India, and an apartment in Paris.

Bravo, Jean-Louis. I am looking forward to publishing more of your work.


Cabinet Jean-Louis Deniot
39 rue de Verneuil
75007, Paris


All photographs of Jean-Louis Deniot’s interiors photographed exclusively by Paris photographer Xavier Bejot. Used with express permission.


the.neo.lifestyle said...

Indeed wonderful

Thanks for sharing this talent.


Ashfield Hansen Design Inc. said...

Thank you for your further elaboration on this talented gentleman and his wonderful work.

David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

Mrs. Blandings said...

Beautiful - thanks for the glimpse of his work. More and more I am finding myself reaching for European publications for a new perspective.

Madina Aryeh said...

Stunning! I was expecting everything to be gilded and over the top, but those photos took my breath away.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Hi David-I love hearing from my friends in Belgium. I love Belgium...and I thank you so much for your kind comment. Stay in touch.

HI Patricia- you're the best, and always right onto the new trends. You are right that the European magazines are presenting elegant and chic and classical work these days. I highly recommend finding the special one-off issue of AD COLLECTOR (it is published by AD in Paris)...totally different from the AD here...totally, totally. It is a very rich and detailed issue, with the 70 top designer picks, along with pages and pages of new products and new concepts. It's a keeper and very inspiring. It's like a one-year course of design in one issue.

Hi Madina--thank you so much. Yes, you make a very good point--Jean-Louis' work is so elegant and understated. I love the way he creates rooms that feel totally now and contemporary but all the elements have a classical origin. He is great with colors, a master. He adores those glorius gray tones (with white counterpoint) and keeps rooms fresh and spirited. The new Paris apartment is spectacular...I so wish I lived there. Image...a demi-lune living room and a view of the Eiffel tower. Hmmm. Stay tuned for more Paris news coming soon.

Thank you, dear friends, for you lovely comments.
cheers, DIANE

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

He makes interior design look effortless. What talent he has. Bravo!


Brillante Interiors said...

Well deserved recognition: Very precise and elegant design comes out from every picture. I will search for this issue since I always loved European AD and I try to stay away from the American version. I just commented a few days ago on Vicente Wolf blog about this subject and said that the German and Italian versions are my favorite (of course the French one is also superb).

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Hi Cristin-

I totally agree. You are right--he does make it look easy and fast and smooth. In fact, he is a perfectionist who pays utmost attention to every detail. That's why the rooms all look calm, composed, elegant, and perfectly poised.
I have spent a lot of time in his interiors in New Delhi,and in Paris, and in Chantilly, and other places--and they give such pleasure.
Keep an eye on his work...he is rather a genius.
cheers, DIANE

vicki archer said...

Jean-Louis Deniot's work is sublime Diane and I can completely relate to your enthusiasm. I will have to have a copy of that AD...it sounds like excellent browsing material. xv

Greet Lefèvre said...

Jean-Louis deserves this recognition so much! I love all of his work! The first time I heard about him was when I red about the interior design of the Hotel Recamier in Paris. Ever since I love to see all of his gorgeous realisations! He is a very talented designer!
Good idea of you Diane, to post about Jean-Louis!
PS He looks wonderful!! So handsome !

C. said...

Hi Diane,
thanks for sharing the photos. I can only agree. I know his work for some years now and everytime something is published I can't wait to see it. To be mentioned as one of the best by AD is just a dream. But since I'm still at the beginning of my career I guess I have to wait a bit ;) Anyway, I love his style which is exactly what I love to do mostly. Since you seem to know him please tell him greetings from an admirer from Vienna, Austria.
Greetings, Christian

Concrete Jungle said...

Cool classic elegance...simply gorgeous! ..... love all his railroaded stripes in with the great ceiling heights.


Beautiful interiors as well as the photos!
Thank you for sharing :)
Love your blog and I am looking forward to following :)

my best!

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear, I've simply fallen in love with Jean-Louis Deniot's Paris Apartment. It's so efforlessly chic but in a more sedate kind of way as opposed to ostentatiousness. Just like the classic smell of Guerlain's Eau du Coq, you have to stay with it for a couple of minutes and the beauty slowly whispers and reveals...

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

OH, JUST FABULOUS COMMENTS THIS WEEK! And very international--with emails from Provence, Brussels, Vienna, Phuket, the US, and glamorous UK settings, along with dear readers all over the world.

I've been out and about at cocktails and dinners and openings this week--and everyone is talking about Jean-Louis Deniot's design.

Dear Vicki-Yes, get the AD COLLECTOR, perhaps in Aix...while you may have seen some of the interiors in prev. issues, the style sections and the comprehensive look at 70 important designers (most European) are superb. But...only go and find the AD if you can tear yourself away from your lavender. Happy Provencal summer.

Good Morning Greet-love your blog. Love Belgium Thanks for your lovely comments. Next time in Paris, be sure to head over to place St-Sulpice to see the Hotel Recamier. You will find it hidden in a corner of the quiet square. It is tiny--and dramatic in style. Speak to Bruno, the manager and ask if he can give you a tour. Just looking at the first floor, you will see the impact of the design.

Christian--Cheers to you in Vienna. I love your comments--from an insider. Can't wait to see how you tranform the Arsenal apartment. Let us see it.

Hi Heather in Phuket: Always a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, there are so many design details in the apartments and interiors and hotel--a million ideas that give each room distinction.

Welcome Edyta--thank you so much for your kind message. I hope you will continue to send comments. It is lovely to hear from you.

Super Dilettante--the last Aesthete--as always it is wonderful to hear your cultivated dulcet tone and your insight. Ah, well...Guerlain is one of my absolutely favorite perfume houses (have you ever been to the Champs-Elysees salon, designed by Andree Putman?)--and Eau de Coq is one of the greats, so recherche and seductive, indeed. Have a glorious weekend, perhaps reading Huysmans?
cheers to all dear friends, DIANE

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Letters from all around the world! Love this.

Vicki-cheers and happy days among your glorious lavender fields. Yes, do get the AD Collector.
Greet--love your blog and love Belgium. Lovely to hear from you.
Christian in Vienna--can't wait to see your redesign.
Heather in Phuket--always a pleasure to hear from you!
Edyta--welcome, and do stay in touch.
Super Dilettante--the last Aesthete--loved to hear your dulcet tones--and truly recherche and insider and astute comments, as always.
Cheers and fondest to you all, DIANE

columnist said...

Thank you for showing J-L Deniot's work, which is truly exquisite. I very much like the pictures he has chosen, (the enlarged photographs of interiors of classical buildings) in the John Taylor photoshoot. That, and pretty much everything else. I am not a huge fan of "mid-century", but he has used it sparingly in his design scheme, so that it does not jar. This is perhaps the best lesson about any style - do not over expose it, otherwise it becomes too much of a theme, and can descend into a caricature.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Hi Dear Corinthian Column:
I love your blog--and your wit. I welcome your comments.
I also appreciate very much your insight into Jean-Louis's design.
You are perspicacious. He is an understated designer and he does not overdo or overexpose or overstate.
I appreciate his color sense--and I can't recall that he has ever used a printed pattern (a device I personally find overdone in design).
There are so many lessons--how he uses mirror in decor, how he creates pattern with furniture and light and air. How he does not try to have a 'signature'.
Loved hearing from you in Bangkok. Cheers, DIANE